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Publications 2016

Gautier, E. F., S. Ducamp, M. Leduc, V. Salnot, F. Guillonneau, M. Dussiot, J. Hale, M. C. Giarratana, A. Raimbault, L. Douay, C. Lacombe, N. Mohandas, F. Verdier, Y. Zermati, and P. Mayeux.
Comprehensive Proteomic Analysis of Human Erythropoiesis.
Cell Rep 2016 16:1470-84.
Equipe DRC Mayeux-Bouscary et Plateforme de protéomique

Capel, E., A. L. Zomer, T. Nussbaumer, C. Bole, B. Izac, E. Frapy, J. Meyer, H. Bouzinba-Segard, E. Bille, A. Jamet, A. Cavau, F. Letourneur, S. Bourdoulous, T. Rattei, X. Nassif, and M. Coureuil.
Comprehensive Identification of Meningococcal Genes and Small Noncoding RNAs Required for Host Cell Colonization.
MBio 2016 7 e01173-16
Equipe 3I Bourdoulous et plateforme de Génomique : Letourneur

Villette, C., A. Bourret, P. Santulli, V. Gayet, C. Chapron, and D. de Ziegler.
Risks of tubo-ovarian abscess in cases of endometrioma and assisted reproductive technologies are both under- and overreported.
Fertil Steril 2016 106:410-5.
Equipe DRC Vaiman

Guedj, C., N. Abraham, D. Jullie, and C. Randriamampita.
T cell adhesion triggers an early signaling pole distal to the immune synapse.
J Cell Sci 2016 129:2526-37.
Equipe 3I Donnadieu-Randriamampita

Nel, I., and A. Lehuen.
Defective Invariant Natural Killer T-Cell Suppression in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes.
Diabetes 2016 65:2121-3.
Equipe EMD Lehuen-Mallone

Trautmann, A.
From kinetics and cellular cooperations to cancer immunotherapies.
Oncotarget 2016 7:44779.
Equipe 3I Donnadieu-Randriamampita

Popineau, L., L. Morzyglod, N. Carre, M. Cauzac, P. Bossard, C. Prip-Buus, V. Lenoir, B. Ragazzon, V. Fauveau, L. Robert, S. Guilmeau, C. Postic, M. Komatsu, F. Canonne-Hergaux, H. Guillou, and A. F. Burnol.
Novel Grb14-Mediated Cross Talk between Insulin and p62/Nrf2 Pathways Regulates Liver Lipogenesis and Selective Insulin Resistance.
Mol Cell Biol 2016 36:2168-81.
Equipes EMD Postic-Issad et EMD Bouillaud-Lombes

Canlorbe, G., Z. Wang, E. Laas, S. Bendifallah, M. Castela, M. Lefevre, N. Chabbert-Buffet, E. Darai, S. Aractingi, C. Mehats, and M. Ballester.
Identification of microRNA expression profile related to lymph node status in women with early-stage grade 1-2 endometrial cancer.
Mod Pathol 2016 29:391-401.
Equipe DRC Vaiman

Kremer, L. S., C. L'Hermitte-Stead, P. Lesimple, M. Gilleron, S. Filaut, C. Jardel, T. B. Haack, T. M. Strom, T. Meitinger, H. Azzouz, N. Tebib, H. Ogier de Baulny, G. Touati, H. Prokisch, and A. Lombes.
Severe respiratory complex III defect prevents liver adaptation to prolonged fasting.
J Hepatol 2016 65:377-85.
Equipe EMD Boillaud-Lombes

Llitjos, J. F., C. Auffray, F. Alby-Laurent, C. Rousseau, H. Merdji, N. Bonilla, J. Toubiana, N. Belaidouni, J. P. Mira, B. Lucas, J. D. Chiche, and F. Pene.
Sepsis-induced expansion of granulocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cells promotes tumour growth through Toll-like receptor 4.
J Pathol 2016 239:473-83.
Equipe 3I Chiche  et 3I Lucas

Niedergang, F., V. Di Bartolo, and A. Alcover.
Comparative Anatomy of Phagocytic and Immunological Synapses.
Front Immunol 2016 7:18.
Equipe 3I Niedergang

Morse, D., W. Webster, M. Kalanon, G. Langsley, and G. I. McFadden.
Plasmodium falciparum Rab1A Localizes to Rhoptries in Schizonts.
PLoS One 201611:e0158174.
Equipe 3I Langsley

Santulli, P., L. Marcellin, S. Chouzenoux, V. Boulard, P. A. Just, C. Nicco, C. Chereau, C. Tosti, C. Chapron, and F. Batteux.
Role of the protein kinase BRAF in the pathogenesis of endometriosis.

Expert Opin Ther Targets 2016 20:1017-29.
Equipes DRC Batteux et DRC Vaiman

Rastogi, R., J. K. Verma, A. Kapoor, G. Langsley, and A. Mukhopadhyay.
Rab5 Isoforms Specifically Regulate Different Modes of Endocytosis in Leishmania.
J Biol Chem 2016 291:14732-46.
Equipe 3I Langsley

Elhai, M., J. Avouac, A. M. Hoffmann-Vold, N. Ruzehaji, O. Amiar, B. Ruiz, H. Brahiti, M. Ponsoye, M. Frechet, A. Burgevin, S. Pezet, J. Sadoine, T. Guilbert, C. Nicco, H. Akiba, V. Heissmeyer, A. Subramaniam, R. Resnick, O. Molberg, A. Kahan, G. Chiocchia, and Y. Allanore.
OX40L blockade protects against inflammation-driven fibrosis.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2016 113:E3901-10.
Equipe 3I Allanore

Naissant, B., F. Dupuy, Y. Duffier, A. Lorthiois, J. Duez, J. Scholz, P. Buffet, A. Merckx, A. Bachmann, and C. Lavazec.
Plasmodium falciparum STEVOR phosphorylation regulates host erythrocyte deformability enabling malaria parasite transmission.
Blood 2016 127:e42-53.
Equipe 3I Lavazec

Bouchet, J., I. Del Rio-Iniguez, R. Lasserre, S. Aguera-Gonzalez, C. Cuche, A. Danckaert, M. W. McCaffrey, V. Di Bartolo, and A. Alcover.
Rac1-Rab11-FIP3 regulatory hub coordinates vesicle traffic with actin remodeling and T-cell activation.
EMBO J 2016 35:1160-74.
Equipe 3I Bénichou

Dabbeche-Bourichaab, E., L. M. Araujoa, M. Katoc, A. Prévost-Blondel, and H. J. Garchon.
Rapid dissemination of RET-transgene-driven melanoma in the presence of non-obese diabetic alleles: Critical roles of Dectin-1 and Nitric-oxide synthase type 2.
OncoImmunology 2016 5:e1100793.
Equipe 3I Lucas

Abou-Hamdan, A., C. Ransy, T. Roger, H. Guedouari-Bounihi, E. Galardon, and F. Bouillaud.
Positive feedback during sulfide oxidation fine-tunes cellular affinity for oxygen.
Biochim Biophys Acta 2016 1857:1464-1472.
Equipe EMD Bouillaud

Lechel, A., and A. Gougelet.
Early HCC treatment: a future strategy against interferon/miR-484 axis to revert precancerous lesions?
Gut 2016 65:1073-4.
Equipe DRC Perret

Witko-Sarsat, V.
From Starfish Oocytes to Inflammation: The Unforeseeable Destiny of Roscovitine in Cystic Fibrosis.
J Innate Immun 2016 8:327-9.
Equipe 3I Witko-Sarsat-Mouthon

Chandra, V., A. Karamitri, P. Richards, F. Cormier, C. Ramond, R. Jockers, M. Armanet, O. Albagli-Curiel, and R. Scharfmann.
Extracellular acidification stimulates GPR68 mediated IL-8 production in human pancreatic beta cells.
Sci Rep 2013 6:25765.
Equipes EMD Scharfman et EMD Jockers

Gougelet, A., C. Sartor, L. Bachelot, C. Godard, C. Marchiol, G. Renault, F. Tores, P. Nitschke, C. Cavard, B. Terris, C. Perret, and S. Colnot.
Antitumour activity of an inhibitor of miR-34a in liver cancer with beta-catenin-mutations.
Gut 2016 65:1024-34.
Equipe DRC Perret et Imagerie du petit animal : Renault

Martin, K. R., C. Kantari-Mimoun, M. Yin, M. Pederzoli-Ribeil, F. Angelot-Delettre, A. Ceroi, C. Grauffel, M. Benhamou, N. Reuter, P. Saas, P. Frachet, C. M. Boulanger, and V. Witko-Sarsat.
Proteinase 3 Is a Phosphatidylserine-binding Protein That Affects the Production and Function of Microvesicles.
J Biol Chem 2016 291:10476-89.

El Khattabi, L. A., C. Rouillac-Le Sciellour, D. Le Tessier, A. Luscan, A. Coustier, R. Porcher, R. Bhouri, J. Nectoux, V. Serazin, T. Quibel, L. Mandelbrot, V. Tsatsaris, F. Vialard, and J. M. Dupont.
Could Digital PCR Be an Alternative as a Non-Invasive Prenatal Test for Trisomy 21: A Proof of Concept Study.
PLoS One 2016 11:e0155009.
Equipe DRC Vaiman

Schumacher, Y., T. Aparicio, S. Ourabah, F. Baraille, A. Martin, P. Wind, R. Dentin, C. Postic, and S. Guilmeau.
Dysregulated CRTC1 activity is a novel component of PGE2 signaling that contributes to colon cancer growth.
Oncogene 2016 35:2602-14.
Equipe EMD Postic-Issad  et EMD Dentin

Raimbault, A., C. Pierre-Eugene, A. Rouquette, C. Deudon, L. Willems, N. Chapuis, S. Mathis, C. Kunz, H. Fricke, O. Kosmider, V. Bardet, M. Fontenay, and M. Groupe Francophone des. 
APG101 efficiently rescues erythropoiesis in lower risk myelodysplastic syndromes with severe impairment of hematopoiesis.
Oncotarget 2016 7:14898-911.
Equipe DRC Mayeux-Bouscary

Nieves, W., L. Y. Hung, T. K. Oniskey, L. Boon, M. Foretz, B. Viollet, and D. R. Herbert.
Myeloid-Restricted AMPKalpha1 Promotes Host Immunity and Protects against IL-12/23p40-Dependent Lung Injury during Hookworm Infection.
J Immunol 196:4632-40.
Equipe EMD Vaulont-Viollet

Debets, R., E. Donnadieu, S. Chouaib, and G. Coukos.
TCR-engineered T cells to treat tumors: Seeing but not touching?
Semin Immunol 2016 28:10-21.
Equipe 3I Donnadieu-Randriamampita

Terryn, S., K. Tanaka, J. P. Lengele, E. Olinger, D. Dubois-Laforgue, S. Garbay, R. Kozyraki, P. Van Der Smissen, E. I. Christensen, P. J. Courtoy, C. Bellanne-Chantelot, J. Timsit, M. Pontoglio, and O. Devuyst.
Tubular proteinuria in patients with HNF1alpha mutations: HNF1alpha drives endocytosis in the proximal tubule.
Kidney Int 2016 89:1075-89.
Equipe DRC Pontoglio

Santulli, P., M. Bourdon, M. Presse, V. Gayet, L. Marcellin, C. Prunet, D. de Ziegler, and C. Chapron.
Endometriosis-related infertility: assisted reproductive technology has no adverse impact on pain or quality-of-life scores.
Fertil Steril 2016 105:978-987 e4.
Equipe DRC Vaiman

Cameron, A. R., L. Logie, K. Patel, S. Bacon, C. Forteath, J. Harthill, A. Roberts, C. Sutherland, D. Stewart, B. Viollet, K. Sakamoto, G. McDougall, M. Foretz, and G. Rena.
Investigation of salicylate hepatic responses in comparison with chemical analogues of the drug.
Biochim Biophys Acta 2016 1862:1412-1422.
Equipe DRC Viollet

Lahouassa, H., M. L. Blondot, L. Chauveau, G. Chougui, M. Morel, M. Leduc, F. Guillonneau, B. C. Ramirez, O. Schwartz, and F. Margottin-Goguet.
HIV-1 Vpr degrades the HLTF DNA translocase in T cells and macrophages.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2016 113:5311-6.
Equipe 3I Pique-Margottin-Goguet

Boutet, M., L. Gauthier, M. Leclerc, G. Gros, V. de Montpreville, N. Theret, E. Donnadieu, and F. Mami-Chouaib.
TGFbeta Signaling Intersects with CD103 Integrin Signaling to Promote T-Lymphocyte Accumulation and Antitumor Activity in the Lung Tumor Microenvironment.
Cancer Res 2016 76:1757-1769.
Equipe 3I Donnadieu-Randriamampita

Thieblemont, N., H. L. Wright, S. W. Edwards, and V. Witko-Sarsat.
Human neutrophils in auto-immunity.
Semin Immunol 2016 28:159-73.
Equipe 3I Witko-Sarsat-Mouthon

Herate, C., C. Vigne, C. A. Guenzel, M. Lambele, M. C. Rouyez, and S. Benichou.
Uracil DNA glycosylase interacts with the p32 subunit of the replication protein A complex to modulate HIV-1 reverse transcription for optimal virus dissemination.
Retrovirology 2016 13:26.
Equipe 3I Bénichou

Santulli, P., L. Marcellin, S. Menard, T. Thubert, B. Khoshnood, V. Gayet, F. Goffinet, P. Y. Ancel, and C. Chapron.
Increased rate of spontaneous miscarriages in endometriosis-affected women.
Hum Reprod 2016 31:1014-23.
Equipe DRC Vaiman

Santulli, P., D. de Villardi, V. Gayet, M. C. Lafay Pillet, L. Marcellin, V. Blanchet, J. Gonnot, E. Dulioust, O. Launay, and C. Chapron.
Decreased ovarian reserve in HIV-infected women.
AIDS 2016 30:1083-8.
Equipe DRC Vaiman

Naudin, C., C. Chevalier, and S. Roche.
The role of small adaptor proteins in the control of oncogenic signalingr driven by tyrosine kinases in human cancer.
Oncotarget 2016 7:11033-55.
Equipe DRC Mayeux-Bouscary

Toubal, A., and A. Lehuen.
Lights on MAIT cells, a new immune player in liver diseases.
J Hepatol 2016 64:1008-10.
Equipe EMD Lehuen-Mallone

Gual, P., and C. Postic.
Therapeutic potential of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
Hepatology 2016 63:1074-7.
Equipe EMD Postic-Issad

Sayers, S. R., F. Reimann, F. M. Gribble, H. Parker, S. Zac-Varghese, S. R. Bloom, M. Foretz, B. Viollet, and G. A. Rutter.
Proglucagon Promoter Cre-Mediated AMPK Deletion in Mice Increases Circulating GLP-1 Levels and Oral Glucose Tolerance.
PLoS One 2016 11:e0149549.
Equipe EMD Vaulont-Viollet

Diedisheim, M., R. Mallone, C. Boitard, and E. Larger.
beta-cell Mass in Nondiabetic Autoantibody-Positive Subjects: An Analysis Based on the Network for Pancreatic Organ Donors Database.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2016 101:1390-7.
Equipe EMD Lehuen-Mallone

Martinet, C., P. Monnier, Y. Louault, M. Benard, A. Gabory, and L. Dandolo.
H19 controls reactivation of the imprinted gene network during muscle regeneration.
Development 2016 143:962-71.
Equipe DRC Vaiman

Plainvert, C., A. Doloy, C. Joubrel, N. Maataoui, N. Dmytruk, G. Touak, G. Collobert, A. Fouet, C. Poyart, and J. Loubinoux.
Characterization of Streptococcus pyogenes isolates responsible for adult meningitis in France from 2003 to 2013.
Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis 2016 84:350-2.
Equipe 3I Poyart-Fouet

Bramble, M. S., E. H. Goldstein, A. Lipson, T. Ngun, A. Eskin, J. E. Gosschalk, L. Roach, N. Vashist, H. Barseghyan, E. Lee, V. A. Arboleda, D. Vaiman, Z. Yuksel, M. Fellous, and E. Vilain.
A novel follicle-stimulating hormone receptor mutation causing primary ovarian failure: a fertility application of whole exome sequencing.
Hum Reprod 2016 31:905-14.
Equipe DRC Vaiman

Doly, S., H. Shirvani, G. Gata, F. J. Meye, M. B. Emerit, H. Enslen, L. Achour, L. Pardo-Lopez, S. K. Yang, V. Armand, R. Gardette, B. Giros, M. Gassmann, B. Bettler, M. Mameli, M. Darmon, and S. Marullo.
GABAB receptor cell-surface export is controlled by an endoplasmic reticulum gatekeeper.
Mol Psychiatry 2016 21:480-90.
Equipe EMD Marullo

Canal, F., S. Charawi, G. Grimber, C. Houbron, V. Drouet, S. Colnot, B. Terris, C. Cavard, and C. Perret.
Generation of Mice with Hepatocyte-Specific Conditional Deletion of Notum.
PLoS One 2016  11:e0150997.
Equipe DRC Perret

Zillhardt, J. L., K. Poirier, L. Broix, N. Lebrun, A. Elmorjani, J. Martinovic, Y. Saillour, G. Muraca, J. Nectoux, B. Bessieres, C. Fallet-Bianco, S. Lyonnet, O. Dulac, S. Odent, I. Rejeb, L. B. Jemaa, F. Rivier, L. Pinson, D. Genevieve, Y. Musizzano, N. Bigi, N. Leboucq, F. Giuliano, N. Philip, C. Vilain, P. Van Bogaert, H. Maurey, C. Beldjord, F. Artiguenave, A. Boland, R. Olaso, C. Masson, P. Nitschke, J. F. Deleuze, N. Bahi-Buisson, and J. Chelly.
Mosaic parental germline mutations causing recurrent forms of malformations of cortical development.
Eur J Hum Genet 2016 24:611-4.
Equipe drc Billuart-Bienvenu

Johanns, M., Y. C. Lai, M. F. Hsu, R. Jacobs, D. Vertommen, J. Van Sande, J. E. Dumont, A. Woods, D. Carling, L. Hue, B. Viollet, M. Foretz, and M. H. Rider.
AMPK antagonizes hepatic glucagon-stimulated cyclic AMP signalling via phosphorylation-induced activation of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase 4B.
Nat Commun 2016 7:10856.
Equipe EMD Vaulont-Viollet

Vaiman, D.
Genetic and Epigenetic Marks Weave Intricate Connections in Cardiac Disease.
Circ Res 2016 118:773-5.
Equipe DRC Vaiman

Benatti, P., S. Belluti, B. Miotto, J. Neusiedler, D. Dolfini, M. Drac, V. Basile, E. Schwob, R. Mantovani, J. J. Blow, and C. Imbriano.
Direct non transcriptional role of NF-Y in DNA replication.
Biochim Biophys Acta 2016 1863:673-685.
Equipe DRC Miotto

Kirkegaard, J. S., P. Ravassard, S. Ingvarsen, M. Diedisheim, E. Bricout-Neveu, M. Gronborg, T. Frogne, R. Scharfmann, O. D. Madsen, C. Rescan, and O. Albagli.
Xenotropic retrovirus Bxv1 in human pancreatic beta cell lines.
J Clin Invest 2016 126:1109-13.
Equipe EMD Scharfmann

Beaumont, M., M. Andriamihaja, A. Lan, N. Khodorova, M. Audebert, J. M. Blouin, M. Grauso, L. Lancha, P. H. Benetti, R. Benamouzig, D. Tome, F. Bouillaud, A. M. Davila, and F. Blachier.
Detrimental effects for colonocytes of an increased exposure to luminal hydrogen sulfide: The adaptive response.
Free Radic Biol Med 2016 93:155-164.
Equipe EMD Bouillaud -Lombes

Just, P. A., C. Pouliquen, A. Audebourg, S. Laurent-Roussel, A. Carlotti, N. Dupin, M. C. Vacher-Lavenu, M. Vidaud, B. Terris, and E. Pasmant.
High specificity and sensitivity of NRAS Q61R immunohistochemistry (IHC) in melanomas.
J Am Acad Dermatol 2016 74:572-3.
Equipe DRC Perret et DRC Batteux

Pal, A., T. P. Potjer, S. K. Thomsen, H. J. Ng, A. Barrett, R. Scharfmann, T. J. James, D. T. Bishop, F. Karpe, I. F. Godsland, H. F. Vasen, J. Newton-Bishop, H. Pijl, M. I. McCarthy, and A. L. Gloyn.
Loss-of-Function Mutations in the Cell-Cycle Control Gene CDKN2A Impact on Glucose Homeostasis in Humans.
Diabetes 2016 65:527-33.
Equipe EMD Scharfmann

Wright, D. G., C. Marchal, K. Hoang, J. A. Ankney, S. T. Nguyen, A. W. Rushing, N. Polakowski, B. Miotto, and I. Lemasson.
Human T-cell leukemia virus type-1-encoded protein HBZ represses p53 function by inhibiting the acetyltransferase activity of p300/CBP and HBO1.
Oncotarget 2016 7:1687-706.
Equipe DRC Miotto

Alexandre, Y. O., S. Ghilas, C. Sanchez, A. Le Bon, K. Crozat, and M. Dalod. 
XCR1+ dendritic cells promote memory CD8+ T cell recall upon secondary infections with Listeria monocytogenes or certain viruses.
J Exp Med 2016 213:75-92.
Equipe 3I Hosmalin

Benleulmi-Chaachoua, A., L. Chen, K. Sokolina, V. Wong, I. Jurisica, M. B. Emerit, M. Darmon, A. Espin, I. Stagljar, P. Tafelmeyer, G. W. Zamponi, P. Delagrange, P. Maurice, and R. Jockers.
Protein interactome mining defines melatonin MT1 receptors as integral component of presynaptic protein complexes of neurons.
J Pineal Res 2016 60:95-108.
Equipe EMD Jockers

Herate, C., G. Ramdani, N. J. Grant, S. Marion, S. Gasman, F. Niedergang, S. Benichou, and J. Bouchet.
Phospholipid Scramblase 1 Modulates FcR-Mediated Phagocytosis in Differentiated Macrophages.
PLoS One 2016 11:e0145617.
Equipe 3I Bénichou et 3I Niedergang

Ducat, A., L. Doridot, R. Calicchio, C. Mehats, J. L. Vilotte, J. Castille, S. Barbaux, B. Couderc, S. Jacques, F. Letourneur, C. Buffat, F. Le Grand, P. Laissue, F. Miralles, and D. Vaiman.
Endothelial cell dysfunction and cardiac hypertrophy in the STOX1 model of preeclampsia.
Sci Rep 2016 6:19196.
Equipe DRC Vaiman et plateforme génomique Letourneur

Borhis, G., C. Burelout, N. Chaoul, N. Smith, C. Goujard, L. Meyer, S. Paul, H. Saoudin, A. Hosmalin, C. Gilbert, J. P. Herbeuval, and Y. Richard.
Plasmacytoid dendritic cells and myeloid cells differently contribute to B-cell-activating factor belonging to the tumor necrosis factor superfamily overexpression during primary HIV infection.
AIDS 2016 30:365-76.
Equipe 3I Hosmalin

Deschemin, J. C., M. L. Noordine, A. Remot, A. Willemetz, C. Afif, F. Canonne-Hergaux, P. Langella, Z. Karim, S. Vaulont, M. Thomas, and G. Nicolas.
The microbiota shifts the iron sensing of intestinal cells.
FASEB J 2016 30:252-61.
Equipe EMD Vaulont-Viollet

Chaigne, B., B. Terrier, N. Thieblemont, V. Witko-Sarsat, and L. Mouthon. 
Dividing the Janus vasculitis? Pathophysiology of eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangitis.
Autoimmun Rev 2016 15:139-45.
Equipe 3I WitkoSarsat-Mouthon

Delepine, C., H. Meziane, J. Nectoux, M. Opitz, A. B. Smith, C. Ballatore, Y. Saillour, A. Bennaceur-Griscelli, Q. Chang, E. C. Williams, M. Dahan, A. Duboin, P. Billuart, Y. Herault, and T. Bienvenu.
Altered microtubule dynamics and vesicular transport in mouse and human MeCP2-deficient astrocytes.
Hum Mol Genet 2016 25:146-57.
Equipe DRC Billuart-Bienvenu

Fu, X., M. Zhu, S. Zhang, M. Foretz, B. Viollet, and M. Du.
Obesity Impairs Skeletal Muscle Regeneration Through Inhibition of AMPK.
Diabetes 2016 65:188-200.
Equipe EMD Vaulont-Viollet

Lissina, A., O. Briceno, G. Afonso, M. Larsen, E. Gostick, D. A. Price, R. Mallone, and V. Appay.
Priming of Qualitatively Superior Human Effector CD8+ T Cells Using TLR8 Ligand Combined with FLT3 Ligand.
J Immunol 2016 196:256-63.
Equipe EMD Lehuen-Mallone

van der Torren, C. R., A. Zaldumbide, D. L. Roelen, G. Duinkerken, S. H. Brand-Schaaf, M. Peakman, P. Czernichow, P. Ravassard, R. Scharfmann, and B. O. Roep.
Innate and adaptive immunity to human beta cell lines: implications for beta cell therapy.
Diabetologia 2016 59:170-5.
Equipe EMD Scharfmann

Wang, Y., B. Viollet, R. Terkeltaub, and R. Liu-Bryan.
AMP-activated protein kinase suppresses urate crystal-induced inflammation and transduces colchicine effects in macrophages.
Ann Rheum Dis 2016 75:286-94.
Equipe EMD Vaulont-Viollet

Pinel, A., J. P. Rigaudiere, B. Laillet, C. Pouyet, C. Malpuech-Brugere, C. Prip-Buus, B. Morio, and F. Capel.
N-3PUFA differentially modulate palmitate-induced lipotoxicity through alterations of its metabolism in C2C12 muscle cells.
Biochim Biophys Acta Mol Cell Biol 2016 1861:12-20
Equipe EMD Bouillaud-Lombes

Auger, J., P. Jouannet, and F. Eustache
Another look at human sperm morphology.
Hum Reprod 2016 31:10-23.
Equipe DRC Vaiman

Publications 2015

Haidar, M., J. Whitworth, G. Noe, W. Q. Liu, M. Vidal, and G. Langsley.
TGF-beta2 induces Grb2 to recruit PI3-K to TGF-RII that activates JNK/AP-1-signaling and augments invasiveness of Theileria-transformed macrophages.
Sci Rep 2015 5:15688.
Equipe 3I Langsley

Azzi, S., L. Treps, H. M. Leclair, H. M. Ngo, E. Harford-Wright, and J. Gavard.
Desert Hedgehog/Patch2 Axis Contributes to Vascular Permeability and Angiogenesis in Glioblastoma.
Front Pharmacol 2015 6:281.
Equipe 3I Bourdoulous

Ittig, S. J., C. Schmutz, C. A. Kasper, M. Amstutz, A. Schmidt, L. Sauteur, M. A. Vigano, S. H. Low, M. Affolter, G. R. Cornelis, E. A. Nigg, and C. Arrieumerlou.
A bacterial type III secretion-based protein delivery tool for broad applications in cell biology.
J Cell Biol 2015 211:913-31.
Equipe 3I Arrieumerlou

Douarre, P. E., E. Sauvage, C. Poyart, and P. Glaser.
Host specificity in the diversity and transfer of lsa resistance genes in group B Streptococcus.
J Antimicrob Chemother 2015 70:3205-13.
Equipe 3I Tardieux-Poyart

Thibert, C., C. Perret, and M. Billaud.
AMPK potentiation by LKB1 isoforms.
Oncotarget 2015 6:35139-40
Equipe DRC Perret

Bloch-Gallego, E.
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Plate forme Imagerie du petit animal

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