Publications 2017

Marciniak, E., A. Leboucher, E. Caron, T. Ahmed, A. Tailleux, J. Dumont, T. Issad, E. Gerhardt, P. Pagesy, M. Vileno, C. Bournonville, M. Hamdane, K. Bantubungi, S. Lancel, D. Demeyer, S. Eddarkaoui, E. Vallez, D. Vieau, S. Humez, E. Faivre, B. Grenier-Boley, T. F. Outeiro, B. Staels, P. Amouyel, D. Balschun, L. Buee, and D. Blum.
Tau deletion promotes brain insulin resistance. J Exp Med.2017
Equipe EMD Posti-Issad
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Gbahou, F., E. Cecon, G. Viault, R. Gerbier, F. Jean-Alphonse, A. Karamitri, G. Guillaumet, P. Delagrange, R. M. Friedlander, J. P. Vilardaga, F. Suzenet, and R. Jockers. 
Design and validation of the first cell-impermeant melatonin receptor agonist. Br J Pharmacol 2017 174:2409-2421.
Equipe EMD Jockers

Saitakis, M., S. Dogniaux, C. Goudot, N. Bufi, S. Asnacios, M. Maurin, C. Randriamampita, A. Asnacios, and C. Hivroz.
Different TCR-induced T lymphocyte responses are potentiated by stiffness with variable sensitivity.Elife 2017 6: e23190
Equipe 3I Donnadieu-Randriamampita

De Bucy, C., L. Guignat, T. Niati, J. Bertherat, and J. Coste. 
Health-related quality of life of patients with hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysregulations: a cohort study.Eur J Endocrinol 177:1-8.
Equipe EMD Bertherat

Ndiaye, F. K., A. Ortalli, M. Canouil, M. Huyvaert, C. Salazar-Cardozo, C. Lecoeur, M. Verbanck, V. Pawlowski, R. Boutry, E. Durand, I. Rabearivelo, O. Sand, L. Marselli, J. Kerr-Conte, V. Chandra, R. Scharfmann, O. Poulain-Godefroy, P. Marchetti, F. Pattou, A. Abderrahmani, P. Froguel, and A. Bonnefond. 
Expression and functional assessment of candidate type 2 diabetes susceptibility genes identify four new genes contributing to human insulin secretion. Mol Metab 2017 6:459-470.
Equipe EMD Scharfmann

Brusson, M., S. Cochet, M. Leduc, F. Guillonneau, P. Mayeux, T. Peyrard, C. Chomienne, C. Le Van Kim, B. Cassinat, J. J. Kiladjian, and W. El Nemer. 
Enhanced calreticulin expression in red cells of polycythemia vera patients harboring the JAK2V617F mutation. Haematologica 2017 102:e241-e244.
Plateforme de protéomique

Maissa, N., V. Covarelli, S. Janel, B. Durel, N. Simpson, S. C. Bernard, L. Pardo-Lopez, H. Bouzinba-Segard, C. Faure, M. G. H. Scott, M. Coureuil, P. C. Morand, F. Lafont, X. Nassif, S. Marullo, and S. Bourdoulous.
Strength of Neisseria meningitidis binding to endothelial cells requires highly-ordered CD147/beta2-adrenoceptor clusters assembled by alpha-actinin-4. 
Nat Commun 2017 8:15764.
Equipe 3I Bourdoulous et EMD Marullo

Messeant, J., J. Ezan, P. Delers, K. Glebov, C. Marchiol, F. Lager, G. Renault, F. Tissir, M. Montcouquiol, N. Sans, C. Legay, and L. Strochlic. 
Wnt proteins contribute to neuromuscular junction formation through distinct signaling pathways. Development 2017 144:1712-1724.
Plateforme PIV

Marcellin, L., P. Santulli, S. Chouzenoux, O. Cerles, C. Nicco, B. Dousset, M. Pallardy, S. Kerdine-Romer, P. A. Just, C. Chapron, and F. Batteux. 
Alteration of Nrf2 and Glutamate Cysteine Ligase expression contribute to lesions growth and fibrogenesis in ectopic endometriosis.Free Radic Biol Med 2017 110:1-10.
Equipe DRC Batteux

Sanges, S., M. Jendoubi, N. Kavian, C. Hauspie, S. Speca, J. C. Crave, T. Guerrier, G. Lefevre, V. Sobanski, A. Savina, E. Hachulla, P. Y. Hatron, M. Labalette, F. Batteux, S. Dubucquoi, and D. Launay. 
B Cell Homeostasis and Functional Properties Are Altered in an Hypochlorous Acid-Induced Murine Model of Systemic Sclerosis. Front Immunol 2017 8:53.
Equipe DRC Batteux

Patitucci, C., G. Couchy, A. Bagattin, T. Caneque, A. de Reynies, J. Y. Scoazec, R. Rodriguez, M. Pontoglio, J. Zucman-Rossi, M. Pende, and G. Panasyuk. 
Hepatocyte nuclear factor 1alpha suppresses steatosis-associated liver cancer by inhibiting PPARgamma transcription.J Clin Invest 2017 127:1873-1888.
Equipe DRC Pontoglio

Michels, K. R., Z. Zhang, A. M. Bettina, R. E. Cagnina, D. Stefanova, M. D. Burdick, S. Vaulont, E. Nemeth, T. Ganz, and B. Mehrad. 
Hepcidin-mediated iron sequestration protects against bacterial dissemination during pneumonia. JCI Insight 2017 2:e92002.
Equipe EMD Vaulont-Viollet

Pilati, C., J. Shinde, L. B. Alexandrov, G. Assie, T. Andre, Z. Helias-Rodzewicz, R. Ducoudray, D. Le Corre, J. Zucman-Rossi, J. F. Emile, J. Bertherat, E. Letouze, and P. Laurent-Puig. 
Mutational signature analysis identifies MUTYH deficiency in colorectal cancers and adrenocortical carcinomas. J Pathol 2017 242:10-15.
Equipe Bertherat

Dambrun, M., C. Dechavanne, A. Emmanuel, F. Aussenac, M. Leduc, C. Giangrande, J. Vinh, J. M. Dugoujon, M. P. Lefranc, F. Guillonneau, and F. Migot-Nabias. 
Human Immunoglobulin Heavy Gamma Chain Polymorphisms: Molecular Confirmation Of Proteomic Assessment.Mol Cell Proteomics 2017 16:824-839.
Plateforme de protéomiqe

Frija-Masson, J., C. Martin, L. Regard, M. N. Lothe, L. Touqui, A. Durand, B. Lucas, D. Damotte, M. Alifano, I. Fajac, and P. R. Burgel. 
Bacteria-driven peribronchial lymphoid neogenesis in bronchiectasis and cystic fibrosis. Eur Respir J 2017 49 1601873
Equipe 3I Lucas

Moretti, C., M. E. Serrentino, C. Ialy-Radio, M. Delessard, T. A. Soboleva, F. Tores, M. Leduc, P. Nitschke, J. R. Drevet, D. J. Tremethick, D. Vaiman, A. Kocer, and J. Cocquet. 
SLY regulates genes involved in chromatin remodeling and interacts with TBL1XR1 during sperm differentiation.Cell Death Differ 2017 24:1029-1044.
Equipe DRC Vaiman

Ponte, R., M. Rancez, S. Figueiredo-Morgado, J. Dutrieux, V. Fabre-Mersseman, B. Charmeteau-de-Muylder, T. Guilbert, J.-P. Routy, R. Cheynier, and A. Couëdel-Courteille.
Acute Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Triggers Early and Transient Interleukin-7 Production in the Gut, Leading to Enhanced Local Chemokine Expression and Intestinal Immune Cell Homing.Front Immunol 2017 8:588.
Equipe 3I Cheynier  Plateforme IMAGI'C

Gaudet, R. G., C. X. Guo, R. Molinaro, H. Kottwitz, J. R. Rohde, A. S. Dangeard, C. Arrieumerlou, S. E. Girardin, and S. D. Gray-Owen. 
Innate Recognition of Intracellular Bacterial Growth Is Driven by the TIFA-Dependent Cytosolic Surveillance Pathway. Cell Rep 2017 19:1418-1430.
Equipe 3I Arrieumerlou

Moutkine, I., E. Quentin, B. P. Guiard, L. Maroteaux, and S. Doly. 
Heterodimers of serotonin receptor subtypes 2 are driven by 5-HT2C protomers. J Biol Chem 2017 292:6352-6368.
Equipe EMD Marullo

Mikalova, L., M. Strouhal, J. Oppelt, P. A. Grange, M. Janier, N. Benhaddou, N. Dupin, and D. Smajs. 
Human Treponema pallidum 11q/j isolate belongs to subsp. endemicum but contains two loci with a sequence in TP0548 and TP0488 similar to subsp. pertenue and subsp. pallidum, respectively.PLoS Negl Trop Dis 2017 11:e0005434.
Equipe DRC Batteux

Lorenz, C., P. Lesimple, R. Bukowiecki, A. Zink, G. Inak, B. Mlody, M. Singh, M. Semtner, N. Mah, K. Aure, M. Leong, O. Zabiegalov, E. M. Lyras, V. Pfiffer, B. Fauler, J. Eichhorst, B. Wiesner, N. Huebner, J. Priller, T. Mielke, D. Meierhofer, Z. Izsvak, J. C. Meier, F. Bouillaud, J. Adjaye, M. Schuelke, E. E. Wanker, A. Lombes, and A. Prigione. 
Human iPSC-Derived Neural Progenitors Are an Effective Drug Discovery Model for Neurological mtDNA Disorders.Cell Stem Cell 2017 20:659-674 e9.
Equipe EMD Bouillaud-Lombes

Naudin, C., A. Hattabi, F. Michelet, A. Miri-Nezhad, A. Benyoucef, F. Pflumio, F. Guillonneau, S. Fichelson, I. Vigon, I. Dusanter-Fourt, and E. Lauret. 
PUMILIO/FOXP1 signaling drives expansion of hematopoietic stem/progenitor and leukemia cells.Blood 2017 129:2493-2506.
Equipe DRC Mayeux-Bouscary et plateforme de protéomique

Ashoor, H., C. Louis-Brennetot, I. Janoueix-Lerosey, V. B. Bajic, and V. Boeva. 
HMCan-diff: a method to detect changes in histone modifications in cells with different genetic characteristics.Nucleic Acids Res 2017 45:e58.
Equipe DRC Boeva

Leblond, A., Y. Allanore, and J. Avouac.
Targeting synovial neoangiogenesis in rheumatoid arthritis. Autoimmun Rev 2017 16:594-601.
Equipe 3I Allanore

Venugopal, K., E. Werkmeister, N. Barois, J. M. Saliou, A. Poncet, L. Huot, F. Sindikubwabo, M. A. Hakimi, G. Langsley, F. Lafont, and S. Marion. 
Dual role of the Toxoplasma gondii clathrin adaptor AP1 in the sorting of rhoptry and microneme proteins and in parasite division. PLoS Pathog 2017 13:e1006331.
Equipe 3I Langsley

Dumoitier, N., B. Chaigne, A. Regent, S. Lofek, M. Mhibik, P. Dorfmuller, B. Terrier, J. London, A. Berezne, N. Tamas, N. Varin-Blank, and L. Mouthon. 
 Scleroderma Peripheral B Lymphocytes Secrete Interleukin-6 and Transforming Growth Factor beta and Activate Fibroblasts. Arthritis Rheumatol 2017 69:1078-1089.
Equipe 3I Witko-Sarsat-Mouthon

Briet, C., G. Bourdenet, U. C. Rogner, C. Becourt, I. Tardivel, L. Drouot, C. Arnoult, J. C. do Rego, N. Prevot, C. Massaad, O. Boyer, and C. Boitard.
The Spontaneous Autoimmune Neuromyopathy in ICOSL-/- NOD Mice Is CD4+ T-Cell and Interferon-gamma Dependent.Front Immunol 2017 8:287.
Equipe EMD Lehuen-Mallone

Eckenfelder, A., E. Segeral, N. Pinzon, D. Ulveling, C. Amadori, M. Charpentier, S. Nidelet, J. P. Concordet, J. F. Zagury, J. C. Paillart, C. Berlioz-Torrent, H. Seitz, S. Emiliani, and S. Gallois-Montbrun. 
Argonaute proteins regulate HIV-1 multiply spliced RNA and viral production in a Dicer independent manner. Nucleic Acids Res 2017 45:4158-4173.
Equipe 3I Berlioz-Torrent-Emiliani

Ameri, J., R. Borup, C. Prawiro, C. Ramond, K. A. Schachter, R. Scharfmann, and H. Semb. 
Efficient Generation of Glucose-Responsive Beta Cells from Isolated GP2+ Human Pancreatic Progenitors. Cell Rep 2017 19:36-49.
Equipe EMD Scharfmann

Bod, L., R. Lengagne, L. Wrobel, J. P. Ramspott, M. Kato, M. F. Avril, F. Castellano, V. Molinier-Frenkel, and A. Prevost-Blondel. 
IL4-induced gene 1 promotes tumor growth by shaping the immune microenvironment in melanoma.Oncoimmunology 2017 6:e1278331.
Equipe 3I Hosmalin

Poirier, K., G. Viot, L. Lombardi, C. Jauny, P. Billuart, and T. Bienvenu. 
Loss of Function of KCNC1 is associated with intellectual disability without seizures.Eur J Hum Genet 2017 25:560-564.
Equipe DRC Billuart-Bienvenu

Morin, F., N. Kavian, S. Chouzenoux, O. Cerles, C. Nicco, C. Chereau, and F. Batteux. 
Leflunomide prevents ROS-induced systemic fibrosis in mice.Free Radic Biol Med 2017 108:192-203.
Equipe DRC Batteux

Dubois-Laforgue, D., C. Bellanne-Chantelot, P. Charles, A. Jacquette, E. Larger, C. Ciangura, C. Saint-Martin, C. Rastel, B. Keren, J. Timsit, and D. 
Monogenic Diabetes Study Group of the Societe Francophone du. 2017. Intellectual disability in patients with MODY due to hepatocyte nuclear factor 1B (HNF1B) molecular defects. Diabetes Metab 2017 43:89-92.
Equipe EMD Lehuen-Mallone

Carre, A., A. Stoupa, D. Kariyawasam, M. Gueriouz, C. Ramond, T. Monus, J. Leger, S. Gaujoux, F. Sebag, N. Glaser, D. Zenaty, P. Nitschke, C. Bole-Feysot, L. Hubert, S. Lyonnet, R. Scharfmann, A. Munnich, C. Besmond, W. Taylor, and M. Polak. 
Mutations in BOREALIN cause thyroid dysgenesis.Hum Mol Genet 2017 26:599-610.
Equipe EMD Scharfmann

Regent, A., K. H. Ly, M. Groh, C. Khifer, S. Lofek, G. Clary, P. Chafey, V. Baud, C. Broussard, C. Federici, F. Labrousse, L. Mesturoux, C. Le Jeunne, E. Vidal, A. Brezin, V. Witko-Sarsat, L. Guillevin, and L. Mouthon. 
Molecular analysis of vascular smooth muscle cells from patients with giant cell arteritis: Targeting endothelin-1 receptor to control proliferation.
Autoimmun Rev 2017 16:398-406.
Equipe 3I Witko-Sarsat-Mouthon et plateforme de protéomique

Jouinot, A., G. Assie, R. Libe, M. Fassnacht, T. Papathomas, O. Barreau, B. de la Villeon, S. Faillot, N. Hamzaoui, M. Neou, K. Perlemoine, F. Rene-Corail, S. Rodriguez, M. Sibony, F. Tissier, B. Dousset, S. Sbiera, C. Ronchi, M. Kroiss, E. Korpershoek, R. de Krijger, J. Waldmann, D. K, Bartsch, M. Quinkler, M. Haissaguerre, A. Tabarin, O. Chabre, N. Sturm, M. Luconi, F. Mantero, M. Mannelli, R. Cohen, V. Kerlan, P. Touraine, G. Barrande, L. Groussin, X. Bertagna, E. Baudin, L. Amar, F. Beuschlein, E. Clauser, J. Coste, and J. Bertherat. 
DNA Methylation Is an Independent Prognostic Marker of Survival in Adrenocortical Cancer.J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2017 102:923-932.
Equipe EMD Bertherat

Bourdon, M., P. Santulli, V. Gayet, C. Maignien, L. Marcellin, K. Pocate-Cheriet, and C. Chapron. 
Assisted reproduction technique outcomes for fresh versus deferred cryopreserved day-2 embryo transfer: a retrospective matched cohort study.
Reprod Biomed Online 34:248-257.
Equipes DRC Vaiman et DRC Batteux

Morzyglod, L., M. Cauzac, L. Popineau, P. D. Denechaud, L. Fajas, B. Ragazzon, V. Fauveau, J. Planchais, M. Vasseur-Cognet, L. Fartoux, O. Scatton, O. Rosmorduc, S. Guilmeau, C. Postic, C. Desdouets, C. Desbois-Mouthon, and A. F. Burnol. 
Growth factor receptor binding protein 14 inhibition triggers insulin-induced mouse hepatocyte proliferation and is associated with hepatocellular carcinoma.Hepatology 2017 65:1352-1368.
Equipes EMD Postic-Issad et DRC Desdouets

Tselikas, L., A. Bayle, D. Malka, A. Hollebecque, A. Le Cesne, R. Coriat, and O. Mir. 
When Imaging Becomes Clinically Relevant: Multikinase Inhibitor-related Pancreatic Insufficiency and Pancreatic Atrophy.Radiology 2017 282:609-610.
Equipe DRC Batteux

Richards, P., S. Ourabah, J. Montagne, A.-F. Burnol, C. Postic, and S. Guilmeau.
MondoA/ChREBP: The usual suspects of transcriptional glucose sensing; Implication in pathophysiology. Metabolism - Clinical and Experimental 2017 70:133-51.
Equipe EMD Postic-Issad

Saidu, N. E., G. Noe, O. Cerles, L. Cabel, N. Kavian-Tessler, S. Chouzenoux, M. Bahuaud, C. Chereau, C. Nicco, K. Leroy, B. Borghese, F. Goldwasser, F. Batteux, and J. Alexandre. 
Dimethyl Fumarate Controls the NRF2/DJ-1 Axis in Cancer Cells: Therapeutic Applications. Mol Cancer Ther 2017 16:529-539.
Equipe DRC Batteux

Ruggiero, C., M. Doghman-Bouguerra, S. Sbiera, I. Sbiera, M. Parsons, B. Ragazzon, A. Morin, E. Robidel, J. Favier, J. Bertherat, M. Fassnacht, and E. Lalli. 
Dosage-dependent regulation of VAV2 expression by steroidogenic factor-1 drives adrenocortical carcinoma cell invasion.Sci Signal 2017 10469
Equipe EMD Bertherat

Barinov, A., L. Luo, P. Gasse, V. Meas-Yedid, E. Donnadieu, F. Arenzana-Seisdedos, and P. Vieira. 
Essential role of immobilized chemokine CXCL12 in the regulation of the humoral immune response. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2017 114:2319-2324.
Equipe 3I Donnadieu-Randriamampita

Jeannot, P., A. Nowosad, R. T. Perchey, C. Callot, E. Bennana, T. Katsube, P. Mayeux, F. Guillonneau, S. Manenti, and A. Besson.
p27Kip1 promotes invadopodia turnover and invasion through the regulation of the PAK1/Cortactin pathwayElife 2017 6 e22207.
Plateforme de protéomique

Weigand, I., C. L. Ronchi, M. Rizk-Rabin, G. D. Dalmazi, V. Wild, K. Bathon, B. Rubin, D. Calebiro, F. Beuschlein, J. Bertherat, M. Fassnacht, and S. Sbiera. 
Differential expression of the protein kinase A subunits in normal adrenal glands and adrenocortical adenomas.Sci Rep 2017 7:49.
Equipe EMD Bertherat

Maignien, C., P. Santulli, V. Gayet, M. C. Lafay-Pillet, D. Korb, M. Bourdon, L. Marcellin, D. de Ziegler, and C. Chapron. 
Prognostic factors for assisted reproductive technology in women with endometriosis-related infertility. Am J Obstet Gynecol 2017 216:280 e1-280 e9.
Equipe DRC Vaiman et DRC Batteux

Scionti, I., S. Hayashi, S. Mouradian, E. Girard, J. Esteves de Lima, V. Morel, T. Simonet, M. Wurmser, P. Maire, K. Ancelin, E. Metzger, R. Schule, E. Goillot, F. Relaix, and L. Schaeffer. 
LSD1 Controls Timely MyoD Expression via MyoD Core Enhancer Transcription.Cell Rep 2017 18:1996-2006.
Equipe DRC Maire-Sotiropoulos

Andre, W., I. Nondier, M. Valensi, F. Guillonneau, C. Federici, G. Hoffner, and P. Djian. 
Identification of brain substrates of transglutaminase by functional proteomics supports its role in neurodegenerative diseases. Neurobiol Dis 2017 101:40-58.
Plateforme de protéomique

Milivojevic, M., A. S. Dangeard, C. A. Kasper, T. Tschon, M. Emmenlauer, C. Pique, P. Schnupf, J. Guignot, and C. Arrieumerlou. 
ALPK1 controls TIFA/TRAF6-dependent innate immunity against heptose-1,7-bisphosphate of gram-negative bacteria. PLoS Pathog 2017 13:e1006224.
Equipe 3I Arrieumerlou et 3I Pique-Margottin 

Kjobsted, R., N. Munk-Hansen, J. B. Birk, M. Foretz, B. Viollet, M. Bjornholm, J. R. Zierath, J. T. Treebak, and J. F. Wojtaszewski. 
Enhanced Muscle Insulin Sensitivity After Contraction/Exercise Is Mediated by AMPK. Diabetes 2017 66:598-612.
Equipe EMD Vaulont-VIollet

Coureuil, M., H. Lecuyer, S. Bourdoulous, and X. Nassif. 
A journey into the brain: insight into how bacterial pathogens cross blood-brain barriers. Nat Rev Microbiol 2017 15:149-159.
Equipe 3I Bourdoulous

Silva, S. L., A. S. Albuquerque, P. Matoso, B. Charmeteau-de-Muylder, R. Cheynier, D. Ligeiro, M. Abecasis, R. Anjos, J. T. Barata, R. M. Victorino, and A. E. Sousa. 
IL-7-Induced Proliferation of Human Naive CD4 T-Cells Relies on Continued Thymic Activity.Front Immunol 2017 8:20.
Equipe 3I Cheynier

Lazo-Fernandez, Y., G. Baile, P. Meade, P. Torcal, L. Martinez, C. Ibanez, M. L. Bernal, B. Viollet, and I. Gimenez. 
Kidney-specific genetic deletion of both AMPK alpha-subunits causes salt and water wasting. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 2017 312:F352-F365.
Equipe EMD Vauont-Viollet

Perez-Rico, Y. A., V. Boeva, A. C. Mallory, A. Bitetti, S. Majello, E. Barillot, and A. Shkumatava.  
Comparative analyses of super-enhancers reveal conserved elements in vertebrate genomes.Genome Res 2017 27:259-268.
Equipe DRC Boeva

Legendre, P., A. Regent, M. Thiebault, and L. Mouthon. 
Anti-endothelial cell antibodies in vasculitis: A systematic review. Autoimmun Rev 201716:146-153.
Equipe 3I Witko-Sarsat-Mouthon

Cerles, O., E. Benoit, C. Chereau, S. Chouzenoux, F. Morin, M. A. Guillaumot, R. Coriat, N. Kavian, T. Loussier, P. Santulli, L. Marcellin, N. E. Saidu, B. Weill, F. Batteux, and C. Nicco. 
Niclosamide Inhibits Oxaliplatin Neurotoxicity while Improving Colorectal Cancer Therapeutic Response.Mol Cancer Ther 2017 16:300-311.
Equipe DRC Batteux

Wilson, J. L., F. Bouillaud, A. S. Almeida, H. L. Vieira, M. O. Ouidja, J. L. Dubois-Rande, R. Foresti, and R. Motterlini.
Carbon monoxide reverses the metabolic adaptation of microglia cells to an inflammatory stimulus. Free Radic Biol Med 2017 104:311-323.
Equipe EMD Bouillaud-Lombes

Witkowski, B., V. Duru, N. Khim, L. S. Ross, B. Saintpierre, J. Beghain, S. Chy, S. Kim, S. Ke, N. Kloeung, R. Eam, C. Khean, M. Ken, K. Loch, A. Bouillon, A. Domergue, L. Ma, C. Bouchier, R. Leang, R. Huy, G. Nuel, J. C. Barale, E. Legrand, P. Ringwald, D. A. Fidock, O. Mercereau-Puijalon, F. Ariey, and D. Menard. 
A surrogate marker of piperaquine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum malaria: a phenotype-genotype association study.Lancet Infect Dis 17:174-183.
Equipe 3I Langsley

Chesnais, V., M. L. Arcangeli, C. Delette, A. Rousseau, H. Guermouche, C. Lefevre, S. Bondu, M. Diop, M. Cheok, N. Chapuis, L. Legros, S. Raynaud, L. Willems, D. Bouscary, E. Lauret, O. A. Bernard, O. Kosmider, F. Pflumio, and M. Fontenay. 
Architectural and functional heterogeneity of hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells in non-del(5q) myelodysplastic syndromes.Blood 2017 129:484-496.
Equipe DRC Mayeux-Bouscary

Taleb, K., C. Auffray, P. Villefroy, A. Pereira, A. Hosmalin, M. Gaudry, and A. Le Bon. 
Chronic Type I IFN Is Sufficient To Promote Immunosuppression through Accumulation of Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells.J Immunol 2017 198:1156-1163.
Equipe 3I Hosmalin

Perichon, B., N. Szili, L. du Merle, I. Rosinski-Chupin, M. Gominet, S. Bellais, C. Poyart, P. Trieu-Cuot, and S. Dramsi. 
Regulation of PI-2b Pilus Expression in Hypervirulent Streptococcus agalactiae ST-17 BM110. PLoS One 2017 12:e0169840.
Equipe 3i Poyart-Fouet

Marcellin, L., T. Schmitz, M. Messaoudene, D. Chader, C. Parizot, S. Jacques, J. Delaire, J. Gogusev, A. Schmitt, C. Lesaffre, M. Breuiller-Fouche, A. Caignard, D. Vaiman, F. Goffinet, D. Cabrol, G. Gorochov, and C. Mehats. 
Immune Modifications in Fetal Membranes Overlying the Cervix Precede Parturition in Humans. J Immunol 2017 198:1345-1356.
Equipe DRC Vaiman et plateformes microscopie électronique : Schmitt et Genom'ic Letourneur

Vauthier, V., C. Roujeau, P. Chen, C. Sarkis, S. Migrenne, T. Hosoi, K. Ozawa, Y. Rouillé, M. Foretz, J. Mallet, J.-M. Launay, C. Magnan, R. Jockers, and J. Dam.
Endospanin1 affects oppositely body weight regulation and glucose homeostasis by differentially regulating central leptin signaling. 
Molecular Metabolism 2017 6:159-172.
Equipe EMD Jockers et EMD Vaulont-Viollet

Schmitt, C. C., T. Aranias, T. Viel, D. Chateau, M. Le Gall, A.-J. Waligora-Dupriet, C. Melchior, O. Rouxel, K. Kapel, G. Gourcerol, B. Tavitian, A. Lehuen, E. Brot-Laroche, A. Leturque, P. Serradas, and A. Grosfeld. 
Intestinal invalidation of the glucose transporter GLUT2 delays tissue distribution of glucose and reveals an unexpected role in gut homeostasis. 
Molecular Metabolism 2017 6:61-72.
Equipe EMD Lehuen-Mallone

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Equipe 3I Allanore

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Equipe DRC Billuart-Bienvenu

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Plateforme PIV de Gilles Renault et plateforme Imag'ic de Pierre Bourdoncle
Communiqué de presse du CNRS

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Equipe EMD Vaulont-Viollet